Virgin Money Credit Card

Virgin Money has been offering financial services under Virgin Group for several years. In South Africa, they have maintained an outstanding reputation from their quality services. In fact, they are one of the financial service providers with a simple fee structure.

The fact that Virgin Group has interests in the airline business, they have come up with this credit card to offer clients a reward program. Notably, Virgin Group has championed for better transparency in the credit card sector especially when it comes to fees. Therefore, the Virgin Money credit card is a good option for anyone who wants a great product with straightforward pricing strategy.

How to apply

Simplicity is at the core of the credit service offered by Virgin money and getting the card is relatively easy. To qualify, you need to have attained the legal age which is a minimum of 18 years. In addition, you should be earning more than R5,000 per month and have an active bank account. To prove your financial stability, Virgin money requires that you provide bank statements and pay slips which are not older than 90 days.

To get started, submit your application through the online platform and make sure you choose the face of your favorite card. If you choose, it is possible to link three cards so your loved ones can enjoy the convenience offered by Virgin credit card.

Interest rates and fees

The Virgin Money credit card is one of its kind and it has a competitive pricing strategy. Unlike most providers, Virgin doesn’t charge annual fees, monthly maintenance fee, internet banking fees and swiping charges. If you clear the balance before its due, you will enjoy an interest-free credit which can be up to 55 days. Otherwise, you will pay about 20.50% on the balance. Considering this, it is best to make timely payments to avoid the charges.

If you maintain a positive balance, you have an opportunity to earn 2% interest per year. The company charges R24.21 for ATM withdrawals and if you want the card to be delivered on the same day, just pay R458.99 and you will have it.

Virgin money credit card

ZERO Monthly Fees with Virgin Money credit card!

Since Virgin credit card doesn’t have monthly or annual fees, the merchant pays transaction fee contrary to what happens with some card providers. In an attempt to offer clients what they need, Virgin money has developed outstanding services that address the needs of their customers.

If you have been wondering where to get a credit card that comes with low costs, Virgin money is here for you. Whether you fly frequently or not, this credit card is packed with benefits that can be valuable when exploited in the right way.

While you won’t incur transaction costs or card fees, the interests for cash withdrawals tend to be quite high. Nevertheless, this can be very effective in discouraging you from maxing your credit limit. Even if you don’t charge your credit card regularly, the low fee associated with this service is something to consider.

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• No annual or monthly fees
• Personal card delivery service
• Get basic travel insurance
• Get up to 55 days of interest-free credit service
• Choose your own credit card design
• You can link up to three secondary cards
• Get numerous virgin money rewards
• Get lost card insurance
• You can decide to add a Car Card


• Have an income of over R5000 per month
• Be over 18 years old
• Be a resident in South Africa and have a valid ID
• Have an active checking or savings account


• Interests on debit balances: 20.5%
• Credit card initiation fee: R166.45
• Card replacement fee: R166.45