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When you fail to pay your loan on time, it tarnishes your name and you may be blacklisted. This means having a negative credit profile and you may not be able to get any form of credit from your bank. However, being blacklisted does mean living a stressful life. Even if you have been blacklisted, there is light at the end of the tunnel. You can still apply for loans for blacklisted people.

Best Short Term Loans for Bad Credit

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#2 – Boodle
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#4 – LoandfinderSA LoanFinder SA provides online loans to many South Africans – even those who may have a poor credit rating, defaults or garnishee orders that can result from divorce, illness or death!

  • tailor-made loans up to R 150 000
  • Serves more than 500 000 applications per year
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#4 – is a great solution if you’re unsure of which loan provider to go with – they will match your requirements directly with the best loan option for you!

  • OVER 234 000 applicants helped
  • NO Application Fees Charged
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What are loans for blacklisted people?

These are loans designed for people with a bad or poor credit score. If you have been blacklisted and you have judgments against your name, these are the loans for you. Being blacklisted does not automatically ban you from getting a loan. Your loan application form can still get an approval stamp. There are several financial institutions willing to assist you with blacklisted loans so that you can regain your financial control.

How can you apply for loans if blacklisted?

Applying for a blacklisted loan is very easy. You are not required to be a home owner to qualify for this kind of loans. With patience and little searching online, you can get reliable lenders offering loans to blacklisted people. You can visit their offices or apply through their online services. Most financial lenders do not ask for collaterals, this means there is no risk of losing your assets. However, there are certain requirements you must meet before the lender can assist you. The good thing with the financial institutions offering blacklisted loans is that they main aim is helping people in in need. They tend to say yes when the bank says no.

Risks of applying for loans when blacklisted

When you are applying for blacklisted loans, there are some risks involved. Not all loans offered to blacklisted people are easy to get. It is therefore important you do a bit of research on loans for blacklisted people. You also need to be careful because there are lenders who are after your contact particulars so that they can sell them to other companies. Therefore be watchful and only apply for a loan with a reliable company.

Debt consolidation loans for blacklisted people

One way of solving your financial problems if you have been blacklisted is by applying for a debt consolidation loan. A consolidation loan will let you to consolidate your entire monthly payments into just one payment. Many lenders are always ready and willing to offer debt consolidation loans to people blacklisted by the banks.

There are many benefits if you decide to apply for a debt consolidation loan. The loans have lower interest charges since you can negotiate for the interest rate, you will have the ability to pay your debts faster as you will only have to make one payment every month and you will only have to pay your debts to one institution. Therefore consolidating your debts into one loan could save you thousands in fees, interest and other costs.

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