Lime Loans™ – 5min approvals for loans up to R5 000

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NEW Lime Loans Lime Loans is SA’s newest online only loan provider offering one of the fastest approval times at just under 5 minutes!

  • loans up to R5,000
  • 5 minute loan aproval!
  • Instant decision 24/7 & NO paperwork
  • Also available on mobile

Lime Loans is South Africa’s newest online short term loan provider offering customers up to R5 000 with flexible repayment periods of up to 35 days! In addition to offering one of the fastest approval times in the industry, the 65 days repayment period is another key benefit that will help differentiate Lime Loans from the other shortterm loan companies currently operating in the market!

Lime24 online service is owned and operated by Lime Loans South Africa (Pty) Ltd, registered in the Republic of South Africa, with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission, registration number 2015/239349/07 and the National Credit Regulator, registration number NCRCP8077. LimeLoans operates in strict accordance with the regulations under the National Credit Act.

How to apply for a Lime Loans loan?

Similar to other online short term loan companies, applying for a Lime Loans loan couldn’t be any easier! There’s no paperwork to fax or post, registration only takes 3 minutes and the entire application can be filled out online from the comfort of your couch.

Simply visit the sites, decide on how much money you need and for how long, check that you’re happy with the tariffs and then simply complete the easy only application form. The only things you need to check are:

  • a valid SA ID document
  • an active South African bank account
  • a cellphone

How much does it cost to get a Lime Loan?

Like with similar loans services from Wonga or Boodle, LimeLoans makes money by charging customers interest rates and fees. However, unlike its competitors, LimeLoans offers different fees based on your customer profile, which means that repeat and existing customers can get much lower fees on their loans than new customers! The different fee structure is breaks down as below:

LimeLoans VIP:

  • 5 day loans free of charge
  • from 6 to 40 day loans without a service fee
  • loan amount between R300 and R5000, with the possibility to increase your borrowing limit (individual conditions)

LimeLoans Gold

  • loan amount between R300 and R3000
  • lower interest rate from your second loan onwards

LimeLoans START

  • loan amount between R300 and R1200

LimeLoans Silver

  • loan amount between R300 and R2100
  • service fee is charged only on the 32nd day

LimeLoans also offers customers additional opportunities to reduce fees, with some interesting options:

Try to complete the questionnaire as accurately as possible when applying for your first loan +10%
Use our services regularly +50%
Have a good credit history +10%
Add positive feedback about Lime24 services on our social network channels (Facebook or Twitter) and send a screenshot to . Please include your registered phone number in the subject line of your email +15%
Recommend us to your friends. This can be done by going to our Facebook or Twitter profiles>

Try to avoid late payment. Please contact us if for some reason you cannot pay on time +5%