DirectAxis Loans Alternatives

#1 – Boodle
Boodle is the short term loan provider with some real South African flavour! Quick loans of up to R 8000 with 41 days to repay!

  • R2,500 for new customers, and up to R8,000 for existing customers
  • Instant decision 24/7 & NO paperwork
  • Up to 41 days repayment period
  • Also available on mobile

Direct Axis Loans is one of the premier loan and consolidation companies operating out of South Africa.

Direct Axis is transparent with their interest rates and fees, and guarantees to be in accordance with the NCA. Therefore, all loans taken from Direct Axis will be lawful and secure. Direct Axis specializes in personal loans as well as debt consolidation.

So, whether you are in need of a quick financial boost in the form of a personal loan, or need to organize your current loans in the repayment phase by way of debt consolidation, Direct Axis will be there to help.

Direct Axis Personal Loans

Applying for a personal loan from Direct Axis is quick and easy – just fill out their online application and you will hear back from them shortly. The repayment terms on personal loans are fixed and the rates which Direct Axis advertises will remain the same throughout the entirety of the payback period. There are no unpleasant surprises when it comes to rates with Direct Axis.

Repayment plans are very flexible and can be anywhere from twenty four months all the way up to six years. This is definitely one of the longer payback periods when compared with other loan companies. If you anticipate that you won’t be able to pay back the loan for a few years, Direct Axis may be right for you. Once you finish the online application form, the cash can be in your bank account very fast – normally within forty eight hours.

Direct Axis is one of the premier loan companies in South Africa, and so you will be expected to have a good credit record in order to be eligible for a loan. Also, you will need to have an income of at least R5000 per month in order to be eligible. Finally, note that Direct Axis loans are unsecured, which means that they will not take collateral – such as a house or car – to ensure that you will be able to pay back the loan.

Direct Axis Debt Consolidation

Another main service offered by Direct Axis is their debt consolidation. This program by Direct Axis takes all of your existing loan accounts that you are currently in the process of repaying, and compresses them into one single, easy to understand, monthly payment. Using this debt consolidation program has many benefits.

First, you will be sure to get a handle on your repayment plan so that you will not miss any payment due to confusion. Second, such a debt consolidation is known to improve your monthly cash flow. Third, Direct Axis will be doing all of the technical work, settling your existing loans with other providers, so that you will only have to deal with Direct Axis going into the future.

Finally, as is a hallmark of Direct Axis, all repayments will remain fixed. This means, as it did with personal loans, that there will be no unpleasant surprises during repayment since your repayment fees will remain fixed throughout the length of the payback period.

Apply For a Loan with Direct Axis

Applying for a personal loan from Direct Axis is straightforward and also very quick. All that is needed to apply for a Direct Axis loan is to fill out their online application and provide the required documents. Direct Axis notes that the NCA – National Credit Act – provides the lending laws within South Africa, and that they, as a loan provider, strictly follow these laws. Therefore their loans are guaranteed to be safe and in accordance with the law.

This act also allows loan providers to check the person who is applying for the loan, to ensure that the applicant is indeed who they say they are. Therefore, during the application process Direct Axis will ask you to confirm your income, credit score, and other financial and personal information, by providing the relevant documents.

If you are unfamiliar with how your credit score is calculated, this is based on your history, whether positive or negative, of paying back loans. They higher your credit score, the more positive your history has been with paying back loans in a timely manner. Likewise, the higher your credit score, the higher chance you have of being granted the loan you are applying for.

With the above in mind, during your application you will need to provide evidence of the following. A valid South African ID card will be needed. Proof of residence, by way of a recent bill or something similar is also needed. The proof of residence should be no more than two months old. Finally proof of income will also be needed. Recent pay slips from you current employer will be fine here.

Contact Direct Axis

To learn more about Direct Axis Loans, or to apply for a loan, visit their website. If you would like to speak with one of their representative, you may call their call centre (from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Monday through Sunday). If you would like to make any inquiries in person, visit their head office.

Call Centre: 0861 02 03 04
Head Office: 108 De Waal Rd, Southfield, Diep River, 7800

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