Debt Eraser

DebtEraser is a local specialist helping South Africans through the painful process of debt consolidation or surviving a debt review without damaging your credit score any further or expensive legal costs. DebtEraser is committed to teaching and educating debt-ridden South Africans about how to live a debt free lifestyle and manage their monthly debt commitments. Experts at the Debt Review Process, DebtEraser is best placed to help you with your debt consolidation!

How Can DebtEraser help me?

Getting help from DebtEraser is as easy as following the three simple steps outlined below:

  1. Click here to start your quote
  2. Fill in all the required details and their consultanst will call you back and assist you gathering all the required documents
  3. They will contact the credit bureau and inform them that you have applied for debt review. This way, no legal action can be taken against you by any credit provider.
  4. DebtEraser will then restructure a custom made repayment plan for you with reduced monthly installments.

Why Use DebtEraser?

DebtEraser offers expert advise on Debt Review vs Debt Consolidation based on a personal assessment of your situation. They’re consultants will negotiate with your creditors on your behalf and take care of the legal necessities as per the Magistrate’s Order. They are focused on ensuring that your most valuable possession – your home – is not at risk and do their utmost to protect clients’ homes.

A great benefit of using DebtEraser is their commitment to after-care seduction which is aimed to developing clients’ understanding around personal financial planning, budget planning and retail shopping behaviour among a few key considerations. This ensures they deliver an active management experience and work closely with you throughout your debt rehabilition plan whiulst still making sure you can maintain a reasonable life style during your debt consolidation process.

Don’t delay and take control of your finances before they become a crippling burden. Take 10 seconds to start your journey towards a debt-free life!

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