Budget Cash Loans

Boodle is the short term loan provider with some real South African flavour! Quick loans of up to R 8000 with 41 days to repay!

  • R2,500 for new customers, and up to R8,000 for existing customers
  • Instant decision 24/7 & NO paperwork
  • Up to 41 days repayment period
  • Also available on mobile

Since 2002 Budget Cash Loans has been providing cash loans to its clients. They have a special interest in providing cash loans for individuals who have been previously blacklisted, or who have had problems with bad credit.

Budget Cash Loans provides short-term loans, payday loans and fast cash loans and speed of delivery and convenience of operation are the key aspects they strive for. For sixteen years Budget Cash has been expanding from their initial single location, and now operate out of eight branches scattered throughout the Lowveld. All loans provided are safe and reliable, and concern for the client and their financial stability are always the main focus of any transaction.

With Budget Cash the client will never enter into a lengthy loan repayment plan and be tied down for years to come, but will be provided the short term help they need to help them achieve the success they are aiming for.

Every loan transaction will be secure for the client, as Budget Cash carefully follows the guide set out by the National Credit Act. Budget Cash is registered as a credit provider, so you can rest assured that any loan will be lawful and safe. This means, among other things, that interest rate fees will always be used in accordance with the laws. Budget Cash takes precautions to ensure that the client will have no surprises once they have taken out a loan. To make sure the applicant will be able to pay back the loan which is provided, a credit check will be made on the applicant.

However, as mentioned before, even those who have been blacklisted, or who have bad credit are still encouraged to apply – in many cases, the credit check will simply be used to adjust the details of the loan.

Applying for Budget Cash Loans

Budget Cash Loans has made the application procedure very simple. In general, paperwork has been eliminated, and in its place an easy-to-use online application has been instated. Budget Cash stresses that the loans which they offer will be based on each applicants financial situation, the details of which will be obtained during the application process.

Before you even apply for a loan, you are encouraged to head over to Budget Cash’s front page of their website, where you get an extremely fast estimate on your prospective loan. On that front page you will find two adjustable meters. Simply adjust the meter concerning how much money you need to borrow, then adjust the meter concerning your next salary date, and it will immediately show your prospective loan amount, the cost of interest and fees, the total repayable amount of the loan, along with the repayment due date. Note that this is simply an estimate, and once you fill out the application proper the true details of the loan will be given.

Once you are ready to apply for a loan from Budget Cash, click on the ‘apply now’ button on their website. First you will fill out the online application, and once this is completed you will be asked to email over the accompanying documents.

To apply simply adjust the meters concerning the amount you need to borrow and the date of your next pay slip. Click ‘apply’ and you will then be asked to fill out the details of your application. Once this is completed you will get an email confirming that your application has been received. At this point you will be asked to email the accompanying documents. These will include a scan of your ID, your latest pay slip, and bank statements from the last three months.

Budget Cash Loan Details

Budget Cash Loans offers short term cash loans to their clients. These loans give you a short period of time before the repayment plan goes into effect. All loans given by Budget will be secure since they are registered with the National Credit Regulator. Their registration number is NCRCP471.

As already mentioned, credit checks will be completed on all prospective clients, and this is done not only for the benefit of Budget Cash, but also to make sure that the clients will be able to repay the loans in time, in order to avoid trapping them in debt. Budget Cash actually encourages clients to pay off the loan early, and clients will save money by cutting down interest fees if they do so.

Those applicants who have been blacklisted or who have bed credit may still apply for a loan up to R3000. However if you are under debt counseling, you unfortunately are not able to apply for a loan at this time. Finally, all interest rates and fees are calculated in accordance with the latest National Credit Act. Daily interest is charged at 0.17%, capping at 5% a month.

Budget Cash Loans Contact Details

To contact Budget Cash Loans for any inquiries, you may contact them by phone or email, or you may walk into their main office. To gather more information, or to apply, visit their website.

Telephone: 013 752 5855
Email: info@budgetcash.co.za or loans@budgetcash.co.za
Address: Nelstraat 38, Nelspruit P.O Box 8280, Nelspruit, 1200