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Bruma Finance is a respected loan and consolidation company operating out of Johannesburg, South Africa. Whenever you are in need of a little quick cash, a personal loan is a great option, and this type of loan is Bruma Finance’s specialty. By filling out a quick application online, you can be approved in a few hours and have the cash in your bank account immediately.

All personal loans from Bruma also come with the option of life insurance, as required by legislation. Besides Bruma Finance’s excellent personal loan service, they also offer top of the line debt consolidation. If you have multiple exiting loans in the prepayment phase, this can cause must stress and confusion. Bruma, through their debt consolidation program, is able to consolidate all of your existing loans into one simple payback plan.

Bruma Finance Loans

Bruma understands how unpredictable your financial situation may be, and how in times of need how beneficial it will be to get a bit of quick cash up front. Bruma Finance is dedicated to making sure that their prospective clients are able to get the financial assistance they need to get through hard times. In particular, Bruma specializes in personal loans, with a varying degree of flexibility. They offer loans from R1000 all the way up to R15000, so that no matter what situation you find yourself in, you will be able to borrow the cash appropriate to that situation. Of course not all prospective clients will be eligible to borrow the amount they ask for. The final decision will be based on that client’s financial details at the time.

The payback periods on these personal loans are also flexible. You can have anywhere between six to eighteen months to pay your loan off. This is a rather long payback period for loan companies, and so if you anticipate that you will need to borrow the cash for a longer period of time, you may want to consider going with Bruma Finance. Not only are the personal loans from Bruma flexible, but the turn-around time on the application is extremely fast. Bruma prides themselves on, in many cases, getting that cash into your bank account the same day as it is applied for.

Finally, in accordance with legislation, all personal loans from Bruma come with the option of including life insurance with the package. That is, in case something happens to the client during the loan period, Bruma will settle the account, or assist in the client during rehabilitation.

Bruma Finance Debt Consolidation

As many people understand, juggling a variety of different loans can be difficult. In particular, when the payback period on a variety of different loans overlaps, things become increasingly difficult. The debt consolidation program from Bruma is intended to ease this stress by consolidating all existing loans that the prospective client may have into one simple, easy to understand, payback program. Specifically, this program can consolidate existing loans up to R15000, granting the client ease of mind with one single payback plan. Once Bruma has taken care of the clients other existing debts, the remainder of the Bruma loan is then paid into the bank account of the client.

Included within the debt consolidation program is the option of obtaining another loan from Bruma Finance. Even though you may have several outstanding debts, you may need to borrow a bit more. With the debt consolidation program Bruma will simplify your existing loans, and at the same time give you that financial boost you need.

Apply For a Bruma Finance Loan

To apply for a Bruma loan visit their website, and click on the ‘apply now’ link. This will take you to the online application, which is quick and easy. Bruma emphasises that you will not be under an obligation to take the loan you apply for, and therefore you may apply just to see what loan you qualify for, before you make your final decision.

To get the ball rolling, Bruma will ask you for a bit of your personal information. Along with your name, Bruma will need to have a valid South African ID number, so only those with such an ID will be eligible to apply.

You will also be asked to supply your home and cell phone number, but note that this is not mandatory. However, what is mandatory will be your net salary – and thus you will need to be employed at the time of the application – along with the amount of cash you would like to borrow. Once you send Bruma this information they will contact you back with more information concerning what loan you will be eligible for.

Bruma Finance Contact Details

To learn more about Bruma Finance, or to apply with their online application form, visit their website. With any inquiries you might have, you may telephone Bruma Finance, or alternatively, email or fax them. To speak with a Bruma Finance representative in person, you visit their main office.

Telephone: 0861 33 11 33
Fax: +27 (0) 87 943 1700
Physical Address: 3rd Floor, 26 Girton Road, Parktown, Johannesburg, South Africa 2193