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Bayport Financial Services Loans

Bayport Financial Services was established in 2004, and has been serving its clients for over fourteen years. Since their initial branch was opened, Bayport has expanded rapidly, and now operates out of a nationwide, multi-branched distribution. No matter where you may live in South Africa, you will be able to find a Bayport location relatively close by.

If you choose not to visit a walk-in branch with Bayport, you will be able to easily reach them through their mobile call centers. Bayport Financial Services always works in accordance with the National Credit Act, so you can rest assured that all loan transactions will be safe and lawful. The mission of Bayport Financial Services is to adapt its loan to each of its clients, so that its client base will be inclusive. The vision of Bayport is to become the most trusted loan company in the South African market, and to this aim Bayport continues to strive for the highest standards.

Bayport Financial Services and Loan Details

Bayport Financial Services specializes in providing unsecured credit loans. The flexibility of the loan package from Bayport is truly in a league of its own. You have the option of applying for a loan of anywhere between R1000 and R150 000, and you also have the option of applying to borrow that amount from anywhere between six months and sixty months. The range of this flexibility is really the best that you will find on the market. To find out which exact package you will be eligible for, and to find out the details of the repayment plans, apply for the loan of your choosing on Bayport’s website.

Besides the standard loan packages, Bayport also has two noteworthy additional loan programs that can supplement your standard personal loan. These are the so-called ‘quarterly budget booster’ and ‘monthly budget booster’. Once your normal personal loan is active from Bayport, you have the option of applying to supplement that loan with one of these boosters. To do this, simply log into your existing Bayport account and choose to apply for either of these boosters.

The ‘quarterly booster’ package supplements the Bayport personal loan with cash boosts quarterly through the year – that is, every three months. These boosts can be up to R2500. The ‘monthly budget booster’ supplements the personal loan from Bayport with a boost of cash every single month. You have the option of borrowing anywhere between R500 and R1000 with this option. Note that these boosts have 0% interest and do not have any fees to be paid up front.

There are also a couple of side programs available from Bayport Financial worth mentioning: funeral insurance and vehicle insurance. If you are already taking a loan from Bayport, you may want to consider funeral or vehicle insurance from them as well.

Apply for a Bayport Loan

To apply for a Bayport Loan, visit their website and click the ‘apply now’ link. In order to apply you will need a few documents, so you might want to save some time and get these in order beforehand. First, you will need a copy of your valid ID. If you have a smart ID, that will work too, but you must have a copy of both sides of that smart ID.

Secondly, you will need the most recent copy of your bank statement. If you would like, you may bypass this step by consenting to Bayport’s DEA process – a process they explain on their website. If you choose to go this route, Bayport will access your monthly bank statement themselves. Finally, to apply with Bayport Financial you will also need a copy of your latest pay slip. This of course means that you will need to be currently employed at the time of the application. Bayport Financial stresses that they are an accredited financial service provider and they will keep all of the information that they gather from you confidential.

Before you apply with Bayport Financial, it is recommended that you head over to their online website to get a quick estimate of the details of your prospective loan. For this estimate, no documents are required on your end, all you do is simply adjust the parameters of a few variables on their web page and it will show you that estimate. In particular, you simply adjust the meter concerning how much you would like to borrow, along with the time of how long you would like to borrow it, and you will immediately get the estimate on your loan amount, the total repayment, the monthly repayment, and the final month of the repayment plan.

Bayport Financial Services Contact Details

To learn more about Bayport Financial Services, or to apply for a loan, visit their website. To get in touch with Bayport and speak with someone directly, you may either visit one of their many branches, or ring their call center. Alternatively, you may email or fax them.

Head Office: Bayport House 23A 10th Avenue, Rivonia, Johannesburg, 2128, South Africa
Branch Locator:
Telephone: 087 287 4000
Fax: +27 (0) 86 624 3289