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Atlas Finance Loans Services

For more than 20 years Atlas Finance has been on the forefront of supplying clients with personal loans. Founded in 1994 with a single branch in South Africa, Atlas now boasts 160 branches, and this rapid growth attests to their commitment to providing a fair, honest loan service.

Atlas is a family-run business and indeed family values are at the core of Atlas Finance’s philosophy: their slogan, ‘from our family to yours’, says it all. Atlas is geared towards establishing lasting relationships with its clients, and because of this, trust and transparency are always at the forefront of every transaction.

Atlas tries to understand the unique situation of each of its clients, and will shape its loan to fit the individual circumstances that each client finds themselves in. Flexibility is one of the keys to Atlas’ success, and there are many programs available to choose from. For those needing maximum time for repayment, Atlas allows you to take up to six months in repaying the loan, and even offers the option of an additional loan to be taken out during this repayment period.

The goal of Atlas Finance is to become to most trusted short term loan provider in South Africa. They believe their mission philosophy allows them to build relationships based on trust which will help clients reach their goals in a safe way. Atlas Finance is officially recognized as a registered credit provider and they are happy to be part of the Micro Finance South Africa membership.

Applying for Atlas Finance Loans

To apply for a loan from Atlas Finance, simply visit their website and click on the link to their application page. Once there, fill out the online form, submit it, and wait for them to contact you back. If everything checks out, Atlas will contact you back with the offer of your loan.

In more detail, the application will require a few documents, which you may want to have on hand. A credit check permission is asked for in the application, and a valid ID or passport number will be required. The application will also ask for your income, and in this regard you will need a recent pay slip from an employer showing that income. You will therefore need to be employed, or have been recently employed, in order to apply. Employment status along with the name of your manager and HR department contact number will be required on the application as well. The application will also ask for your bank and account details, so you must also have an operational bank account.

Once you have filled out the online application and attached the required documentation online, simply submit and wait to hear back from Atlas. If eligible, they will contact you back shortly with a loan offer.

Atlas Finance Loan Details

Atlas Finance Loans offers loans for up to R8000. The repayment plans range anywhere from one month to six months, depending on your personal financial situation and the repayment interest you choose. From the application Atlas Finance will obtain the applicants financial situation, from which it will prepare a loan customized specifically for that client. If the applicant opts for a one month repayment, the interest will be at its minimum, while if they opt for the six month repayment, it will be at its maximum.

In accordance with the definition of NCA, all short term loans from Atlas Finance come with an annual rate of no more than 60%. Furthermore, each loan – even those taken by someone who has already successfully paid a loan with Atlas, or who currently has a loan in repayment – is treated as a separate loan. Therefore, loans will not automatically renew once settled, but must be re-applied for in each instance.

One of the major upshots of Atlas Finance is the benefits which come with a successful loan application. If the client chooses to take up the loan, a collection of family benefits will sometimes come with the loan. These family benefits include accidental death coverage, where, in the case of accidental death, Atlas will pay out double the insured amount. Emergency medical transport is another family benefit that will come with the package. Medical casualty benefits and HIV prevention and treatment are yet further benefits in the package. Finally, legal advice and assistance is also included in the family benefits, so that you will always be well informed when it comes to the legal matters.

Atlas Finance Loans Contact Details

To contact Atlas Finance Loans, you may give them a call at their head office and chat with one of their operators, email the relevant department, visit one of their many branches, or check out their website. Alternatively, if you have an existing loan with Atlas, you can call or email their customer care center for any questions.

Head office telephone:
087 701 8665
General enquiries email:
Media enquiries email:
Branches: visit their website to view the branch locator:
Customer care telephone: 0800 204 679
Customer care email: