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African Bank Loan Alternatives

#1 – Boodle
Boodle is the short term loan provider with some real South African flavour! Quick loans of up to R 8000 with 41 days to repay!

  • R2,500 for new customers, and up to R8,000 for existing customers
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African Bank is one of the most respected lenders in the South African region when it comes to unsecured personal loans. They have been helping South Africans in times of financial need for years and have established a stellar reputation. All of their loans are safe and lawful, and in accordance with the NCR – National Credit Regulator. They are a registered credit provider and thus you can rest assured your loans will be secure and your interest rates will be by the book.

African Bank offers a variety of different loan programs. In particular, three programs have proven to be popular among their clients. Their personal loan program consists of a flexible loan offering while at the same time keeping the interest rates low. Their loan consolidation program saves you the stress of dealing with multiple loan providers by condensing all of your existing loans into one payback plan. Their 15% loan program offers you a fixed interest rate over the entirety of your loan. Let’s look in more detail at each of these programs.

African Bank Personal Loans

When you are in need of some quick financial help, African Bank’s personal loans are an excellent option. These personal loans are highly flexible concerning the amount you can borrow as well as the time span of the payback period. With a personal loan from African Bank, you may borrow anywhere between R2500 to R200000.

This is an extremely wide range of flexibility, and is one of the reasons why African Bank is so popular among its clients. The repayment period is also very flexible with these personal loans. You may choose anywhere from nine months to seventy two months to pay back the entirety of the loan. This again is one of the most flexible payback plans you will find, so if flexibility is important to you, consider an African Bank personal loan.

African Bank Consolidation Loans

If you are drowning in a multitude of loans in their repayment phase, African Bank’s loan consolidation program can help you regain control. Their consolidation loan program will condense all of your existing loans into a single repayment plan, and along with this grant another loan on top. Therefore, not only will all of your loans be reduced into a single cost effective payment each month, but you will also have a bit of cash to help you out along the way.

The repayment on the consolidation loan can be anywhere from eighteen months to seventy two months. Up to five different loans in their repayment phase from other providers may be consolidated with this program.

African Bank 15% Loans

The 15% loan from African Bank is, as they say, a breath of fresh air for loan borrowers. Often times the interest rates and monthly repayments on loans are not fixed and tend to fluctuate from month to month. This instability can cause unpleasant surprises and may keep the borrower under unneeded stress. Fortunately, the 15% loan from African Bank has fixed interest rates and monthly repayments for the entirety of the loan. This means these rates will never change, and you will know exactly what to expect throughout the whole repayment phase.

Apply For a Loan From African Bank

Applying for a loan from African Bank is easy and intuitive. There is no need to visit one of their offices in order to apply, all that is needed is to fill out a simple online form and supply the required documentation. Once the online application is complete, it will take no longer than a couple of days for African Bank to process the application and get back to you with an offer for a loan. Once you sign the agreement for the loan that is offered, the cash will be transferred straight into your bank account, and a notification of the transfer will be texted to your phone.

In order to get the ball rolling on the application, you will be asked to supply an email address. Once this is given, the short application procedure will begin. During the application process African Bank will ask you to provide some documentation, so they encourage you to have these documents on hand during the application procedure.

You will need a valid ID, as well as the latest copy of a pay slip from an employer. You will thus have to be currently employed to apply. You will also need your latest bank statement showing at least three salary deposits. Finally, you will need to show proof of residence, which can be shown by, for example, a recent energy bill.

Once the application is filled out and the documents are submitted, you can expect a quick response back from African Bank.

Contact African Bank

Learn more about African Bank Loans or apply for a loan by visiting their website. If you would like to speak to someone from African Bank directly, you may either visit their head office or telephone their customer service center.

Customer Service Center Telephone: 0861 111 011
Head Office: 59, 16th Road, Midrand, Johannesburg

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